Services for Attorneys

Whether it's divorce, real estate partnership, taxation issues, or estate settlement, Appraisals By Michael knows that you have an important, but often stressful job. 

Attorneys rely on our values when calculating property values for estates, divorces, and other disputes requiring a value being placed on real estate property. We provide appraisal reports that often exceed the requirements of the courts and various agencies. In some cases, our independent and unbiased analyses have allowed clients to settle cases without going to court.

We also offer a consulting service that can advise about the strength of an appraisal presented by opposing parties. We do additional research and analysis to support or discredit assumptions and conclusions. 

No matter the situation, Appraisals By Michael delivers high-quality appraisal services for attorneys, quickly and efficiently. We understand that our opinion on the value of a property can have a significant impact on the lives of your clients, settlements, and property or business taxes. Having delivered excellence in appraisal services since 2001, Appraisals By Michael has cultivated a reputation for efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism in the legal community. We will deliver an unbiased opinion of value on your client's property to help resolve your case as swiftly as possible. 

For Attorneys

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