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Simple Tips To Increase Security In Your Home
February 24th, 2016 11:34 AM

As simple as it may seem to purchase an alarm system and hope for the best, there are countless other ways for you to increase safety within your home. Burglars and other criminals tend to follow similar trends, which makes it a little easier to be proactive when it comes to security. Of course, an alarm is the first thing you should invest in. However, there are also things you can do as well, all of which are cost and time efficient.

Take the time to read some of these easy ways to increase security in your home.


Mailboxes Are Not As Secure as You Think

Think of all the documents that you have entrusted to remain in your mailbox from the time they are dropped off until you find the time to check the mail. Why do we assume that a simple metal or wooden box is secure enough to protect our private letters, bills or other things we surely don’t want strangers to have their hands on? Some people even leave their spare key in their mailbox, although this is one of the most common security concerns. Invest in a secure mailbox that requires a key.

Don’t Leave Wiring Unattended

Often times, if a burglars will cut exterior wires that they have access to in order to distract or disarm whoever is inside.

Check Your Peephole

Before opening your door, always check your peephole. Make it a priority to install a quality peephole that allows you to have a large view of your front entrance without distortion. Criminals are smarter than you think and may try to hide out of the view of a smaller peephole.


Fake It Till You Make It

While you may not want to invest in an entire video security system, burglars don’t need to know that. Set up a few fake cameras outside your house with some wiring coming out the back to fool intruders into thinking they are being watched.


Check the Effectiveness of All Locks

Firstly, make sure you are consistently using all locks in the home. This includes the window locks on the third floor if applicable. Burglars usually try to find an open window or back door before eventually going to kick in the front door. Breaking windows or picking locks are too noisy and time-consuming, respectively. Therefore, make your door less vulnerable to human strength by installing a heavy-duty deadbolt lock. Make sure all windows have functioning locks and even invest in some pin locks as well. Back and side doors as usual targets so make sure they have multiple lock systems. 


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