Appraisal for Renting

While flipping homes may seem like the more lavish option, it is a bigger investment in its entirety. As a landlord, you are not required to make this same level of investment before listing your property, as potential renters are not as invested in this home as someone who is aiming to buy. This gives you a large amount of wiggle room as far things like plumbing, roofing, furnaces, or other issues that may come up during a home inspection. When preparing appraisal reports for individuals who plan to buy, repair, and rent, Appraisals By Michael will provide a thorough report of your home's value as well a Rent Comparability Study (RCS) for your reference.

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As with any valuation, what an appraiser writes on their report has a huge impact on your maximum rent potential. Our appraisals will provide you with your current As Is value, followed by a summary of your potential Rent Schedule and The Rent Comparability Study (RCS).

Essentially, you will be earning a steady income of monthly cash from your renters, which will add up over time in comparison to the one large bank account increase earned when flipping homes. Our appraisal will be able to give you a thorough visual for the future of your property, with the Rental Comparability Study (RCS) included in your report. You will have the opportunity to see if investing in flip-worthy repairs is worth it, as opposed to simply renting your property.

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