Investors Rely on Appraisals By Michael

Whether they're buying, selling, renting, or lending, investors depend on Appraisals By Michael for the highest quality appraisals in Atlanta. By staying consistently engaged with the GaREIA and other local investment communities, we are familiar with the unique needs of Georgia investors. We are qualified and FHA-approved to perform appraisals for FHA-insured and conventional loans, and are familiar with the rules and procedures within FHA's guidance and policy documents.

Performing appraisals for investment and rental properties requires a higher understanding of the appraisal process. To be able to accurately evaluate investment property, an appraiser must possess knowledge of construction and replacement costs, as well as a multitude of advanced appraisal techniques.  As certified real estate appraisers, Appraisals By Michael is qualified to provide you with your future and current values via your As Is and As Proposed values. When you receive your final appraisal report in our promised turnaround time of under 48 hours, it will be complete with a detailed breakdown of the As Is value and the As Repaired value designed specifically for investors.

Whether you aim to flip your investment for sale or for rental, we have the extensive capabilities to provide you with all the valuation information you may need. Appraisals By Michael provides in-depth reports of your home’s value before repairs, as well as the future value of your home after it has been fixed in an effort to maximize your investment.

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