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How Remodeling Can Affect Your Home’s Value
March 11th, 2016 10:23 AM

Who doesn’t love a good renovation project? Regardless of the style of your home, many people itch to make changes. Often times, people do so without reflecting on the possible affects these changes will have on their home's value. While some remodeling increases value, not all renovation is for the best. We looked into the likely effects of remodeling your home.


Kitchen remodeling

Even in the most classic homes could benefit from a modern kitchen. Home buyers like to see up-to-date appliances in this specific part of the home. Keeping your kitchen current will most likely increase your home’s value exceptionally, and you will earn back the money spent on remodeling. Keep it simple, don’t indulge in a luxury kitchen model. However, a few changes can go a long way.

Bathroom remodeling

As with kitchen remodeling, bathroom changes help your home’s value as well. Adding more modernized pieces to your bathroom is a subtle way to keep your home both current and timeless.

Lavish improvements

While you may truly feel like marble floors and chandeliers are what’s best for your home, these type of projects only end up beneficial for already-extravagant homes. Adding multi-million dollar features to a small home will probably not be well-received by home buyers.


Swimming pool

It may seem like a great idea at the time, but when it comes time to sell you might run into some apprehension from potential buyers. Not everyone wants the hassle of maintaining a pool year round, and it can be a safety hazard for young children.


Outdoor renovations

First impressions speak volumes, not only to the homebuyer but to the overall atmosphere of the neighborhood. Sprucing up the exterior of your home can go a long way. Increase the value of both your home and possibly even your neighbor’s home with just a few adjustments to the outside of your house. 


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