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Getting Prepared for a Home Appraisal
May 21st, 2015 4:44 PM

Appraisers do not consider any personal property when appraising. This is not an open house. So if you are worried about having your home professionally cleaned, don't. They will, however, ask about any upgrades, fixer uppers, re-finished work etc. It would help to have a list of all the improvements made, estimated cost and the time it took for the improvements to be completed prior to the appraisal. These updates reduce the age of the home which may help it appraise for a higher amount.  Make sure that all renovation is complete prior to appraisal. If they are not completed prior to, it could possibly lower your appraisal value.

Do your research; be aware of the homes in your neighborhood and any homes similar to yours in the area. If the home similar to yours was recently sold, make sure to let your appraiser know. Also, if that home was sold but had extenuating circumstances, you will want to bring that to your appraiser’s attention as well. 

Make all access in your home is available to your appraiser. They will need to be in every room of your home, appraisers should ask if they are able to open room doors. But to be safe, be sure to let everyone else in the home know of the appraisal so there will be no surprises. 

If you do gave an HOA, the appraiser will need all their contact information. 

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