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January 10th, 2014 10:29 AM



When it comes to selling a home, some homeowners tend to let their emotions get in the way. Can you blame them? Investing in a home takes a lot of work which makes selling a home at times very difficult.

However, the problem with individuals being attached to their home is that they list their home at unrealistic prices and can become very difficult clients to work with as a Realtor. If a homeowner wants to sell their home at a certain price usually there is no room to change their mind. Even after a Realtor pulls some comparative sales to physically show the homeowner that their home should be listed within a certain price range, some homeowners ignore the advice.

The disadvantages of selling a home based on emotion is that:

1) Homes tend to sit on the market longer

2) Homeowners that depend on their current home being sold in order to move into a new home end up staying at their current home.

3) Some homeowners develop stress.

How does a realtor avoid confrontation, list the property at the proper market value and sell the home within a reasonable timeframe? They hire an Appraiser. The job of an appraiser is to find the market value of a home so that homeowners know what their home is worth before selling or buying. At the end of the day it's hard to argue with the estimated market value because it's based on more than emotions. It's based on the market.

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