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5 Things Appraisers Want From Realtors
February 21st, 2014 11:08 AM

I have read interesting blogs pertaining to realtors and appraisers. We all know there is this unfortunate feeling of dislike from both parties. The relationship is similar to the FBI and Police Officers. Similar to cops, some realtors feel that appraisers are like the FBI in the field. They come in, take over and make things worse. However, we're all on the same team, we want the same things, we just need better communication.

As an appraiser I participate in forums and socialize amongst many appraisers in and outside of Atlanta. Collectively, these are the 5 things that many appraisers want from the realtor:

PHOTOS: Insert 20-25 photos in MLS so appraisers can get a better sense of the listing. Snap some of the main rooms, kitchen and bathrooms, some of the landscaping etc. Go a step further and try to take pictures you know an appraiser would need incase your client does decide to hire one. It will save you from having to answer so many calls from the appraiser about the property.

CONCESSIONS: It helps when you let the appraiser know in MLS if there were any concessions paid or given to the buyer by the seller. They have to list any concessions in the appraisal report and also note if any concessions had an impact on the price.

RETURN PHONE CALLS PROMPTLY: This is a major issue for appraisers. We pride ourselves on handing over the report in a timely manner. We are often working on a tight deadline to finish a report. We can't do that if we are constantly trying to connect with you. It may seem like we're being a nuisance, but majority of the time we need something from you in order to complete the report. We know every call can't be answered on the spot, you are out working with clients as well. We only ask that you try your best to answer or return calls promptly.

TELL THE TRUTH: If appraisers get incorrect details from you and end up using what you told them to help shape an opinion of value, that's not good. What you say and think can really matter because you provide an insider look at the market. For example, if there weren't multiple offers, please don't say there were. If the property had issues in MLS, inform the appraiser of the issue. Again, we are all on the same team and honesty helps appraisers with the report.

MANAGE IRRITATION: It may seem inconvenient to talk to an appraiser. However it is a part of your job. It creates an uncomfortable feeling when you come off as if you "don't have time" or are "too busy" to talk. Remember, we're not calling to talk about our family vacation, we are strictly doing our job.

If you're a realtor and you have some feedback that can help us become better appraisers, please share.



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