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Hidden Things That May Be Killing Your Home Price
June 10th, 2015 2:05 PM

We may think that in order to sell our home, a couple repairs and touch up will do the work. But what we are not thinking about is all the in depth problems our homes may carry. We tend to look over the in-detail problems of a home and go for the cosmetic cover up. This not only can be a long term problem for the buyer, it may cause your home price to decrease if these problems are noticed.

Here are 3 things that may be killing your home price, so taking a second look would not hurt…

1.       Mold – It is not necessarily visible, but there usually is dampness in walls, ceilings and floors. Usually, where there is dampness, there is mold growing. Getting rid of mold is costly, preventing it is a lot more in expensive.

2.       Stigma Property – Homes that have been scenes of murder, suicide or even ghost. As a seller it is better to disclose all history of a home, and although you may lose a buyer or two, it is better than ending up in court for not disclosing information.

3.       Lead Paint – Leaded paint was banned in the United State on 1978 according to CDC. Any home built before this year is most likely to have lead paint. For the most part, these homes have been re-painted with non-lead paint. It would be best to make sure your walls.

There are many other things you can inspect to assure your home follows safety regulations and is up to date with them. Prevent your home value from dropping. 

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