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#TipTuesday For the Busy Parent
April 28th, 2015 2:30 PM

Cleaning your home has been known to be not-so-kid-friendly, you pick up, put things together and right behind you are tiny little people taking things apart. It’s a viscous circle!

Luckily we have a couple tips and ideas you can do to tackle spring cleaning successfully. Try doing these in little burst of times:

1. While prepping bath time for you or the kids instead of standing around try cleaning out the drawers in the bathroom. Any old products, empty bottles left behind, old make up, dry nail polish, etc.


2. When cooking, roast is in the oven, veggies on the stove, take the downtime and make it productive. Look through your pantry and throw away any old products, expired and/or soiled food.


3. Laundry day, sort out all old, torn, worn out clothes. Go through your dresser drawers and there too take out any unwanted clothing, making room for fresh clean clothes.


4. During the kids nap time, go through their toys, any old toys, toys they have grown out of or no longer play with can go.(With any old toys or clothes, you don't necessarily have to throw it out, it can all be donated.)


Hoping these tips and ideas can help you push through spring cleaning!

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